Top 10 Best Solar Battery Brands

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

Every component in your solar panel system should be bought after good contemplation and research. You should never compromise. Solar batteries are one of the most important and influential components in your Solar panel system. That is why we have come up with the top 10 best solar battery brands so you can choose the best.

Because whenever there is shortness of power, solar batteries play their role and provide power. So there are some specific factors you should consider, such as deterioration in performance (long lastingness of solar battery), how much power it can deliver, battery’s capacity, etc.

Although Solar Batteries are one of the main components, there are many other essential parts for a good, stable and reliable setup.

Solar Panel System

Top 10 Best Solar Battery Brands

Although there are so many brands available, the following are the most used ones;

1. Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla is contributing greatly to renewable energy i.e electric cars, solar inverters, solar batteries, etc. Powerwall is a great example of their work. SolarCity is one of the best solar panel producers. One of their products is the following;

  • 13.5KWh Usualbe Capacity
  • 90% roundtrip efficiency
  • Warranty of 10 years
  • Weight of 251.3 lbs / 114kg
  • 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
  • Scalable to 10 Powerwalls

SolarCity Solar Panel Review

For more detail, click the given link;

2. Sonnen

Sonnen Solar Batteries

Sonnen is Germany’s number one lithium-ion batteries brand. It is one of the known and biggest brands in solar energy storage. Homeowners can amount to a gigantic amount of electricity so they can use it later when needed. It helps owners to save a good amount of money. It also includes an inverter and smart energy management software.

Sonnen Solar Battery Complete review

The official website link is given;

3. Fronius

Fronius Solar Battery

Fronius is known for its solar inverters, but their batteries are cool too. One its model is here;

Fronius Solar Battery 12.0

The Fronius Solar Battery is a supreme example of high-performance lithium technology. It comes with a long service lifespan, less and short charging times with a high depth of discharge. The storage volume of the Fronius Solar Battery can be adjusted to meet particular customer requirements.

4. Pika Energy Solar Batteries

Pika Energy Solar Batteries

Pika Energy is providing robust and resilient solar batteries today for homeowners. It is providing sufficient power, capabilities, capacity to help homeowners in money-saving with backup duty, so they have any complaints. So the website is given, make sure to visit.

5. Enphase

Enphase Solar Batteries

Enphase is doing great in solar technology, their inverters and batteries are examples. It was established in the United States of America back in 2006. Some bold batteries are following;

Encharge 10TM storage system

It comprises three bases Encharge 10TM storage unit, The usable energy capacity of 10KWh, Twelve fixed grid forming microinverters.

Encharge 3TM storage system

It contains the usable energy capacity of 3.4KWh, Twelve fixed grid forming microinverters.

Enpower TM Smart Switch

The Enpower TM smart switch can connect your home to gird power and Encharge storage system, PV. Microgrid interconnection device functionality comes with it, and there is much more.

The world recognizes this brand, so give it a read.

6. Electriq PowerPod

Electriq Power Solar Batteries

Electriq PowerPod storage brand is based in California that designs and engineers in the United States. They offer battery hybrid batteries, solar inverters, a home energy management system, and an energy meter. It provides smart home energy software with backup power so you can manage electricity use and systems stay optimal. So you can a good amount of money using it.

7. LG Chem

WE all know about LG, it is one of the leading electronics manufacturers and industries. LG’s contribution to the solar industry is quite appreciated. Their solar panels and solar batteries are one of the best batteries. They are producing one of the best solar batteries in the US.


LG Chem RESU 10H battery is one of its products. It is one of the most known and best batteries. They provided one of the efficient and optimal batteries.

8. SimpliPhi Power Solar Batteries

SimpliPhi Power Solar Batteries

SimpliPhi Power, the manufacturer of home energy batteries is based in the US. It manufactures batteries that can be paired with the installation of solar panels so homeowners can store energy at home and use it in shortage.

9. Generac Power Systems

- Generac Power Systems

Generac achieved battery producer Pika Energy in 2019. It also combined its technology in the space of their Generac branded home storage solution which is the Generac PWRcell with having been a great leader in the backup power space. Generac is now contributing to clean energy and energy storage, with the PWRcell line of batteries at the lead of their new product line.

10. SUNGROW Solar Batteries

SUNGROW Solar Batteries

SUNGROW is a big name in the solar industry today. Their Solar inverters are leading as well in the Market. Their home storage option gives you good efficiency with good productivity.

Final Words

The solar industry is growing at a rapid pace. When we talk about Solar energy, we can’t ignore its major components, especially batteries, inverters, batteries. Every brand is providing the best of its capabilities, so it can sell well and make a reputation. It all depends on your range of buying.

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