10 Factors Considered when Choosing Location of a Solar Battery

Last Updated: November 24, 2020

People are embracing solar energy at a phenomenal speed. It is clean and renewable energy. It is free, you just need setup of a solar panel system. The solar panels system comprises many components. We are considering solar batteries today. So it important to care about them and locate them well. When choosing the location of a Solar battery, there are some factors to consider. Before doing anything, you should plan it well. If you are going to buy anything of value, you should research well. When you go to a market for buying something and see products of different brands you may get confused. That may result in you buying something you never wanted. So before buying something you should consider everything thoroughly. We are living in an era where renewable energy is easily accessible and is becoming affordable.

If we talk about a solar battery, we need to consider a lot of things before buying something efficient. Do you want to save money and purchase ideal batteries? Well, here we have set up a guide to help you choose a perfect battery and place it somewhere practical.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Location of a Solar Battery

Increase your battery life by avoiding little mistakes. Because after purchasing something you have one thing in your hands and that is care. So if you ensure that your batteries function at an optimal level, consider the following factor;

1. Breath and ventilation

Solar batteries should be kept in well-breathing place and kept away from the sunlight, it is better to have a shaded area. Keep them in a dry place and cool place with minimal change in temperature and humidity use to be ideal. Keep them away from the sources emit heat, in short, there should be room temperature. Even direct sunlight is not good for your batteries

2. Accessible

Keep the batteries where you can approach them easily. Sometimes you need to maintain them or you have to clean dirt. There would be a time when you will have to replace them. Fitting new batteries or changing some of its parts will be easier this way.

3. Protection and care

Batteries should be kept away from high temperatures. Usually, batteries used to be very safe but you should check they should not be kept uncharged for a long time. Problems arise usually when batteries are of low quality. Battery terminals should be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water with the help of a brush. There should be an indicator fixed in the batteries which could warn you in case of any emergency.

4. Indoor or outdoor

People often wonder, does it matter where the solar batteries should be kept. Usually, people place their batteries outside, because of proper temperature and ventilation. Almost all of the batteries are engineered to be kept indoors. These batteries should be placed in garages, basements or somewhere of good ventilation and cool temperature.

5. Replacement of batteries:

Keep in mind that when you change batteries, you should change every piece because it can affect the performance of newer batteries. Using old batteries with new batteries is not a good idea. As it degrades the performance of newer batteries. Sometimes, installing a battery storage system inside your home or business is not the best solution. You should replace your old batteries when they complete their lifetime.

6. Roof:

Almost every roof is fine for the installation of a lar panel. since there are roofs of different dimensions where you have to invest more than usual. Roof type is one of the important aspects to take into consideration.

7. Living duration there

It matters how long are you going live where you going to have installment. If you are living on rent then it will tease when you would be going to leave that house. If you are going live for a long time then installing solar panels is good, it will save you money and your electricity bill would get reduced but if you are the person whose dwelling is not fixed then installing solar panels will sum up high.

8. Required energy

Of course, everyone has different devices at home, if somebody has more electricity consuming then they will have to buy more batteries for the storage of energy and on the other hand, if somebody has fewer devices then they lower amount of energy it is very important to know average consumption of energy so they buy solar panels and batteries respectively.

9. Cost range

Everyone worries about the cost of solar batteries and installment. People want to buy things of quality at low prices. Since the manufacturer and production of solar panels and batteries are expanding, so competition has become tough and it confuses buyers which one is best. The prices of solar energy products had dropped since the beginning of 2011. The cost range of solar batteries varies from $5000 to $7000. It costs from $400 to $750 per kilowatt-hour.

10. Installer

It is always best that your work gets done by someone professional. if you know somebody in surrounding then it is OK but if you do not know any, try to hire the guy who has experience.  Because they are one of the key components of a solar panel system. So it is recommended to hire an authorized electrician for installation.

11. Choose the right brand

You should buy solar batteries from a good company so they work properly for 20+ years. It costs a little bit more but you will be tension free for years. You can ask people who have already installed it. You can also check online as it is a big investment you are going to make. Talking with consultants is also a good idea. Once you buy a valid thing, you will not be bothered for a long time.  When you for buying, assess the battery’s storage capacity, depth of discharge, efficiency, warranty, and manufacturer, etc.

Things you would have to consider after installing solar batteries.


In case of any emergency, you should be able to separate the batteries or battery from the electricity network. If it burns or anything, you would have to face some consequences. At the same time, a battery storage system should be embedded and have warning signs that can indicate that a large amount of energy is stored within it. You should not store your batteries fully

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