Keeping Solar Batteries Outside for Long Periods

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

The solar panel system comprises many components. Every component needs maintenance. It matters where you keep and locate them. We will discuss keeping solar batteries outside. Solar panels system contains panels, batteries, wires, inverters, and many others. They all need maintenance and cleanliness at the right time. If you maintain them, they would become long-lasting.

Solar batteries

Solar batteries are one of the key components. We use batteries for storing electricity. You can excess solar electricity produced from panels. When you install a solar panels system, you should have batteries too. When the sun goes down or the weather gets cooler, you use stored electricity. They are quite beneficial. benefits include money-saving and calamities resiliency. In the case of the grid faint, they provide power backup. Batteries have a significant role in the world of solar panels systems. Batteries are used for solar panels that work best in warm weather. When we talk about hotness and coldness, They lose around 10 per cent efficiency for every 15- to 20-degree temperature drop from there. Most are rated at 77 degrees.

Keeping Solar Batteries Outside

So batteries need shelter for protection. Keep them away from freezing temperatures. So there should be good airflow around them. Keep batteries at room temperature. The ideal temperature is 15° Celsius. If you keep out, try to keep at a good temperature. Due to over temperature, it can cause the self-discharge of the battery to rise. When we talk about keeping them out, they must avoid sunlight. The capacity will fall faster. Because of hotness, it would not remain long-lasting. Low temperatures have a good impact on the lifespan of batteries. But But But too low temperature causes humidity. And it has adverse impacts on the lifetime of batteries. So there should be good room temperature. When we consider normal temperature, the place should not be wet. They get damaged whenever they get hit by metal.

So there are dos and don’ts you should keep in mind


  • Must contact an expert before using batteries. You can read the instructions. Connect batteries properly.
  • Keep them clean and maintained.
  • Whenever remove batteries, try to remove all and insert new ones. Do not use fatigue batteries.


  • If you are keeping batteries down, keep this in mind children could not approach.
  • Don’t disassemble, crush, and other things that can damage your batteries.
  • Do not store batteries in hot places — elevated temperatures. It leads to capacity loss.

Pro tips

Here are some pro tips for keeping solar batteries outside. You should not unwrap them. It has some advantages. It saves your batteries from humidity. Another benefit is it distinguishes new batteries.

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