How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels in Dubai

Last Updated: September 14, 2021

The question “How much does it cost to install solar panels in Dubai?” is vague to tell the estimated cost precisely because it does not tell anything about the size of the solar panel system you need, appliances you want to run, etc. But we understand your intentions. That is why we have our research done for you on different sizes of solar panel systems and what they can run, plus linked a few sites so you could end up having an estimation of all expenses, and your being here does not go in vain. So by the end of this article, you would have an idea of the following;

  • The Approximate Installation Cost of the Solar Panel System in the Dubai
  • Other Expenses
  • Pros and Cons of Going for Solar in the Dubai
  • Recovery/Return of Investment
  • Whether it is Viable or not to go for Solar Panels

So without further ado, let’s straight dive in with the installation cost of a 1kW solar panel system;

1kW Solar Panel System

A self-reliant 1kW solar panel system would cost you between 6000AED to 7000AED, it all depends on how qualitative you buy. The cost includes installation expenses, taxes, transportation costs as well other than the solar panel system. The solar panel system would have the following components;

  • Total PV Module: 1kW
  • PV module capacity: 250kWp (or whatever you go, 590W panels are available as well) 
  • Number of Panels: 4
  • Solar Inverter: 1KW
  • Batteries (150 Ah X 12 V): 2

This system would be able to run nearly 10 LEDs, 3 Fans, 1 Computer LED TV.

If you have more light appliances, like you have two computers or any refrigerator, you would need a 2kW or 3kW solar panel system accordingly.

And if you want to run more heavy electronics such as AC, you would need a 5kW solar panel system to run it smoothly with other appliances.

5kW Solar Panel System

5kW solar panel system is enough to manage 20 percent of a three-bedroom villa. The installation of a 5kW rooftop solar panel system can cost you between 22,000 to 27,000 AED. This cost includes all sorts of expenses such as transportation, installation.

This solar panel system would include 20 panels of 250W, 6-8 batteries. With this solar panel system, you would be able to run 35 LED Lights + 12 Fan + 1 Computer + 3 LED TV + 1 Refrigerator + 1.5 Ton AC.

Other Expenses

You would need a special meter worth a few hundred dirhams from DEWA that measures the power produced by the solar panel system. The automated machine will cost you 10% of the whole system cost.

The other things can cost you a few hundred Dirhams cumulatively after and before primary installation cost. Read the next paragraph.

You have to collect your electricity bills, measure the space you have for solar panels, do rooftops drawings to show to solar provides. And if you go to a consultant, you have to pay a fee unless you don’t have somebody who is pretty much familiar with solar panels. Other things like getting assessment, design, inspection from DEWA done, collecting different certificates such as NOC will cost you a few Dirhams unless it is not incentivized. Always approach a DEWA-certified solar provider, you will get benefits like certificates.

As we mentioned, your solar panels will get a lot of dust coming on them, you would need to clean them weekly, so production does not decrease. And if you go for special cleaning services, its cost varies.

Factors that better Solar Production

House with greenness bolsters solar production, here is what you can do for better production;

  • Install solar panel system where hot air keeps escaping.
  • If you are thinking to paint your house anytime soon, then do it before installing a solar panel system and use heat-reflective paint, especially you are installing it in the backyard.
  • If you can, do install heat-reflective films on your windows.
  • Try to use energy-saving lights and appliances.

You can do much more, such as keeping the yard green as much as possible, minimizing house temperature, installing white or light color tiles, etc.

Pros and Cons of having Solar in Dubai

Though Dubai has everything an effective solar panel system requires to produce maximum energy, such as intense sunlight, exposure to the sun for long hours, etc. Dubai receives sunlight for almost 2000 hours a year,

you know the amount of solar radiation that falls on Dubai is far more than that in Germany, which ranges from 900W to 1,200W per square meter.

The only con is dust storm or dust as Dubai has desert all around, due to which you have to clean them almost every other day.

Return on Investment

The return on investment on usually typical residential villas ranges from eight to ten years. If you invest, let say, 30,000 AED and start saving 200 to 300 AED, you can save 20,000AED to 29000AED in eight years.

I hope you would have been estimated the cost by now and got the answer to your question, “how much does it cost to install solar panels in Dubai?”

Here is what we have to say;


Dubai has entered late into the solar industry but finally has. This is no denying fact Dubai people have got both nonrenewable and potential for renewable energy in abundance, so the reason behind choosing one of them would be unusual such as to minimize adverse effects of oil usage. But it seems the government is inclined more towards solar energy.

The Dubai government needs to introduce incentivized solar rooftops like it recently introduced the net metering scheme, through which you can cash out your panel system (extra electricity will be sent to the grid and cancel your next month’s bill).


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