Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in China in 2020

Last Updated: April 24, 2021

Curating a list of the Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in China is quite fascinating as Chinese Solar panel manufacturers dominate over 70% of the global market share.

So when I was researching for this article, I left astounded by the fact that the top 3 manufactures in the world are Chinese, and so are they in china: JinkoSolarJA Solar, and Trina Solar.


Top solar panel manufacturers in the World

Note: This is a list based on different sources. We enlisted all the names based on their shipments of solar panels after rigorous research. I want to mention the “rating pictures” you will see have a link attached, so when you click on them, you will be redirected to rating and reviews of buyers from Australia. The sole purpose of putting them was to give you more insights.

So if you want to know who are top manufacturers, let’s get right into it;



JinkoSolar is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. Its shipping growth is surging. In 2018, it shipped solar modules of 11.4GW, and the next year, this number escalated to 14.2GW with a 25% growth rate.


Chinese Solar Panels Manufacturer Growth

Let’s talk about their solar panels’ quality. We scrutinize and judge a solar panel using four factors: Efficiencyprice, performance, and warranty.

So here are the following of JinkoSolar;

  • Efficiency: Solar panels’ efficiency varies from 15.57% to 19.88%.
  • Warranty: Most solar panels come with a warranty of 10 years. But their pricey products have a 25-year warranty as well.
  • Price: JinkoSolar would cost you $11,899 to $14,830 on a 6KW solar panel system.

JinkoSolar Ratings and Reviews

If you want more insight on JinkoSolar, Click here to read the complete review.

JA Solar Holdings

JA Solar

JA Solar Holdings is one of the biggest manufacturers that develop, design, and manufacture Solar panels and solar panel-related products.

Their solar comers with a 12 years product and 25 years performance warranty, that is according to industry standard. The efficiency of solar panels falls under 20%, starting from 16%.JA Solar Solar Panels Rating If you want more insight on JA Solar, Click here to read the complete review.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar

Trina Solr is another biggest manufacturer of solar panels, founded in 1987, currently operating more than in 100 counties. It manufactures energy storage systems, smart O&M, and systems. It shipped 9.7GW of modules in 2019, is one of the fastest-growing companies.

Trina solar panels updates

Their products are for commercial, residential purpose plus their series SPLITMAX and TALLMAX are quite dominating according to EnergySage.Trina Solar Panels Reviews and Ratings


  • Efficiency: Their solar panels’ efficiency ranges from 16.2% to 19.9%.
  • Warranty: Most solar panels come with a warranty of 10, 12, 15 years. But their pricey products have a 25-year warranty as well.
  • Price: JinkoSolar would cost you $11,633 to $13,942 on a 6KW solar panel system.

Trina Solar is working the way Toyota does. They don’t give you the best but offer one of the least expensive products.

Read Trina Solar in-depth here.

And if you want to check out some of their products, click here.

LONGi Solar Panels

Longi Solar

LONGi is another steady manufacturer of Solar panels. It has a sheer focus on manufacturing mono silicon panels.

Their mono silicon panels have efficiency ranging from 17.4% to 20.3% and 10 years product and 25 years performance warranty. In2019, its shipment escalated from 7.2GW to 9GW.LONGi Solar Solar panels Ratings and Reviews

Read LONGi Solar in-depth here.

And if you want to check out some of their products, click here.


Q Cells

Hanwha is one of the biggest manufacturers shipped around 7.3GW in 2019. It is currently manufacturing in South Korea, Malaysia, and China. They are less expensive than others but provide great value to your money.

Hanwha Q-Cells Solar panels Reviews and Ratings

What customers love about them most is their performance. Even some claim it remains 100% for over 15%.

Check out their products here.



Yingli Solar is another manufacture doing a fine job in over 3o countries. It has been through a roller coaster ride several times but still has shipped over 24GW to 90 countries.

Yingli Solar’s solar panel efficiency falls under 19% starting from 14%. Its products come with 10, 12 years product and 25-year performance warranty.

Get more insights on efficiency based on the output of the solar panel.

Yingli Solar Solar Panels Reviews and Ratings

You can read reviews from their customers.

Suntech Power

Suntech Power

Suntech Power is developing/manufacturing quite resilient solar panels. Till now, they have shipped more than 8GW to more than 80 countries.

Their products come with a 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty.

Suntech is known for its manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar modules.Suntech Power Solar Panels Reviews and Ratings

It shipped 3GW of solar panels in 2018. The efficiency of its solar panels falls under 18.5%.

Risen Energy

Risen Solar technology

Risen Energy solar panels are one of the most rated, reliable, and cost-effective panels out today. Panels are giving an efficiency of over 20%. They come up with a 15-year product and a 25-year performance warranty.

Risen Solar Panels Review

Risen Energy has shipped 7.0GW of solar modules with 46% growth in 2019, which was 4.8GW in 2019. Moreover, their panels have been certified as corrosion resistant.

And if you want to check out some of their products, click here.

Zhongli Talesun


Zhongli Talesun is part of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group (SZ: 002309), a kind of combination of six companies producing Solar cells and modules, 3D printing materials, polymer materials, medical supplies, optical fiber cables, etc.Zhongli Talesun Solar Panels Reviews and Rating Check out their products in detail here.

China Sunergy

China Sunergy

China Sunergy is another chinses manufacturer having production capacity in GW. It has 1.4GW sold and a production capacity of 1.2GW. It is specialized in manufacturing both monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

CSUN Solar Panels Reviews and Ratings

Its main solar panels come up with a 10-year product and a 25-year performance warranty.


Final Words

Chinese manufacturers are producing long-lasting and less expensive solar panels for residential and commercial scales.

Now I want to ask you:

Which Chinese manufacturer impressed you?

Have I missed any big name to mention? Please tell me in the comment section so I could update for future readers, Thanks.


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