Does Installing Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

Today, in this article, we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions, which is does installing solar panels damage your roof? So let us know a little bit about solar energy and solar panels first. Solar energy is free, clean and renewable energy. The reason behind its popularity is it quite useful financial and environment.

You can get solar energy using different methods. So obviously, people would go for the best method, and that is using solar panels. When we use solar panels, you can set them anywhere, but you choose the location where you can greater efficiency. The ideal location for solar panels for greater efficiency is the top of the roof. So while installing solar panels on the roof, a thought sometimes springs up in the homeowners’ minds that is would my roof get damaged?. Luckily damaging cases are quite rare, and installers take precautionary steps so your roof won’t get leaked or damaged later on. Therefore, we are going to when your roof gets damaged and when not.

Things To Keep In Mind/Precautions

First of all, keep in mind that you have to work with an authentic company. So the installer you call for installation must be professional and licensed. If you face such an incident even after working with an authentic, there is a probability that your roof was initially in bad condition. So make sure you are with the right service provider because it can cause you super serious harm. We will talk more about the roof and roof type later.

Roof Damage

So there are different ways of setting solar panels on the roof. And if you still have concerns about holing on your rooftop, then there are other uncommon ways. It will cost you some money if you go for that. One of that uncommon way installing solar roof tiles that on the top of your roof. You might know not that Slate tiles and skylights make difficult the installation of solar panels. Solar roof tiles and shingles integrate the capacity of photovoltaic and eliminate the mounting of panels.

There is another thing you need to consider before the installation of solar panels and that is repairing of roof. So if you think your roof is old now and you should repair or change it, then don’t even think to install solar panels. We all know very well that things having no protection can get deterioration. It is common that whenever you keep solar panels on the roof, one thought comes to mind that is done to install solar panels damage your roof or not.

Roof Leakage

Solar panels have very little access to the roof because installers install solar panel racks on the roof. So after installing the rack, they fit solar panels onto the rack. And when the rack gets fitted on the roof, every nook ad cranny is filled with waterproof silicone and strengthened to guarantee that even a single drop of water does not get into your house.

Reason If your Roof Gets Leaked or Damaged

We are gonna some reasons so if you found your roof damaged or leaked, reason would one of the following;

  1. Installation Is Poor

One of the primary reasons behind damage or leakage is installation. So it means if you do not choose to work with professionals then you may have to face such occurring. If you work with experts then they know how to ensure no leaks and damage. So please sure your installation is done nicely.

  1. Poorness Of Your Roof and Incompatibility

Another reason for damage or leakage even if you have experienced, and an expert installer is that your roof is old or very poor or incompatible. If you have a flat roof, then you would not need to hole in the roof. As we promise we would explain to you which roof is best.

So the summary is if your roof is set and okay with good installation and good installer, you would not have to face any leakage or damage.


So if your roof is flat, then it is ideal. The sloped roof costs you more than a flat roof. A flat roof makes solar panels more efficient. You can install solar panels almost on every roof, but the thing is your roof must be in good condition. The most commonly used roof types are following;

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Slate tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Clay tiles
  • Concrete

So if you want to read about them in-depth, then we have given the link for you.

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