Factors to Consider when Buying Solar Panels

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

We will discuss the factors to consider when buying solar panels. Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. You can call it direct current (DC). After that solar inverters convert DC into alternating current (AC). We that produced current to complete everyday necessities. We use solar batteries to store current, so we can use them when panels are not producing. You can even transfer it back to the grid.

Some History Regarding Solar Energy

Coal, oil, and other nonrenewable resources made the weather unpredictable. You can say it became insane. Sea levels were rising, glaciers were melting. Extreme weather was becoming the norm. This all commenced at a good pace. These are happening but not that much. The world started planting trees to overcome the problem like climate change. On the other side, scientists introduced the solar panel system. It is influencing the globe by mitigating global warming gradually.

Solar panels are one of the key components of solar panels system. We should contemplate some factors before buying them. Some of them are following;

Factors to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Know What You are Getting into

When you decide to install solar panels, and get rid of monthly electricity bills, keep the whole working in mind. You would need a solar inverter and solar batteries, and other stuff like wiring, etc. Embracing a solar panels system is a costly investment. You would have to maintain, and there is other stuff to do.

Make Sure You are Playing the Long Game

Investing in solar panels system is pretty expensive. If you have your own house and it is confirmed that you are going to live in the same house for a long, then you should adopt a solar panels system, because the upfront cost is so high. It would take around six years that your investment would pay off. After around 6 years, you will start getting benefits. So if think you would have to leave the current house, then you should not buy solar panels.

Upfront and Maintenance Costs

We always purchase things by keeping our range in mind. The Solar panel system is expanding every year. New companies are opening. So when we go for buying, it confuses us. The prices of solar panels have dropped 60% since 2011. So you can buy from one of the best companies. And if you add federal and local tax credits and subsidies to your panel price, and that should be around $17,000, you would invest as up-front costs.

The Authenticity of Solar Provider Company

When you go for buying, you should buy from a good company, who is licensed and authentic. Approach people and ask about which company’s panels they are using. There should be the least complaints. You should choose the company with less cost and long-lasting products. So you have to choose the company that is about to support you in the long term. You can ask about the performance, integrity, and other such things from users.

Geo Location

After having solar panels, locating them is the most thing. If you keep them on the roof, it would be better. There, they could face more sunlight. If you keep them somewhere sunlight does not reach good, then it would impact on efficiency. The lesser sunlight falls on fall, the lesser it would be converted into electrical energy.

Estimate your Energy Needs

Every house has a different amount of electricity demand. How many panels you are required depends on the electricity consumption device you have at home. You should know the consumption to estimate how many panels you will need to purchase. Check your electricity bills to know how much Kilowatts you use, calculate and then go for buying. So make a list of electricity consuming devices at home. By doing this, you would be able to buy the panels you are required.

Ask Your Friends Who Went through This

This world has different temperatures and weathers everywhere. The performance of solar panels depends on your dwelling place. You should ask people who live in your surrounding. Ask them how was their experience of buying solar panels. They may tell the best company around you. The blunders they have done you might not do. You can compare solar panels

Keep your Roof Type in Mind

You can install solar panels around on every roof. Some roofs take extra effort to install. We will explore commonly used roof materials. Commonly used roof materials are Asphalt shingles, Clay tiles, Slate tiles, Concrete, etc. We will explain some of them;


Asphalt is possibly the most common roof material. Solar panel installations are common and straightforward. Installers will penetrate studs into your roof and install panels.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are pretty good looking. People them for making their house outlooks. When the owner of such a house installs panels, they face some problems. It costs you more than asphalt because they are comparatively fragile. Traditional Spanish tile roofs are made from clay tiles. You would have required extra labour. So there is always a possibility that they get broken.

Maintenance of Roof

Very simple but one of the most considerable factors. Please check your roof before going for buying. It might need maintenance and preservation. It is one of the easy factors to consider before buying solar panels. Setting and maintaining solar panels will be much easier if a roof is well maintained.

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