Characteristics of Nonrenewable Resources

Last Updated: July 10, 2021

There are two types of resources, renewable and nonrenewable. We will discuss the characteristics of nonrenewable resources. We will also talk about renewable resources little. Air, water, wood, oil, wind energy, natural gas, iron, coal, and many other are resources we people use for our benefit. They may be solids like coal, lignite, minerals, liquids like petroleum or gases like natural gases.

Renewable Resources

We want to make you aware of your renewable resources first. Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, and biomass energy are examples. We call them renewable resources because they are infinite. It means they are not going to finish. Like we get solar energy from the sun and wind energy from wind. These energies are quite clean and pollutant to a negligible extent. These energies are developing every day. The world is embracing them gradually. North America

Nonrenewable Resources

Nonrenewable resources are the resources that can not replenish at the pace we use them. Examples are coal, fossil fuel, natural gas and many others. They are finite resources. These resources are found inside of the earth. Nonrenewable resources take millions of years to form in great quantity. You can call it minerals. We, humans, extract them in gases and crude oil for use. Even they can become financially inaccessible.

You can include metal ores too. Nonrenewable resources take millions of years to form how much we have used. The characteristics of nonrenewable resources are following;

Characteristics of Nonrenewable resources.

  1. Getting more Expensive every day

Nonrenewable resources are getting more expensive over time. We need to extract them which costs. We get them from the earth. They are coming into being at the speed at which we use them. A great number of dinosaurs and creatures had died aeons. If they had not died, we would not have many of these resources. If we talk about metals like gold, silver, iron, they cost us to mine. When we talk about renewable resources, they are getting cheaper every day.

  1. Do not replenish

Nonrenewable resources do not recycle. They take millions of years to come into being in the amount they get used in a few days. They can not regenerate with usage. These resources are used to produce energy. When we talk about renewable resources, nothing is like with them.

  1. Pollutant

Most of the renewable resources form from organic compounds. When we burn or extract them, they pollute the environment badly. When we use them, global warming increases. But when we talk about renewable resources, they are clean resources. On the other hand, they pollute to a minor extent.

  1. Quantity

Nonrenewable resources are present in a finite amount. On the other hand, renewable resources are in infinite amounts as the sun is not going anywhere, and the same thing is with the wind.

Developing countries are producing more than consuming nonrenewable resources. On the other hand, developed countries are consuming more than producing it. As there are more developing countries than developed, so production is more than consumption. Developing countries do balance.

Learn more about what NASA has to say about Non-Renewable Sources.

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