How to Use Solar Panels While Camping

Last Updated: December 2, 2020

Today, solar panels are not confined to power devices at just homes and businesses. They and other components of the solar panel system are enough efficient to revolutionize the way of harnessing electricity even at small levels such as RVs, boats, treehouses, and camping. In this article, we will learn how to use solar panels and what options are available to you while camping.

So without further ado, lets straight dive in;

How to Use Solar Panels While Camping

There are primarily two options available to you based on your power requirements while camping;

  • Low-wattage solar panels
  • Portable solar gadgets

Let us start with Low-wattage solar panels;

Low-wattage Solar Panels

Low-wattage solar panels are small and produce lesser efficiency than traditional solar panels such as 96 or 72 or 60 cell solar panels that we usually we use on the rooftop.

60 cells vs 72 cells vs 96 cells

Small solar panels’ primary usage is to charge off-grid or solar-based appliances such as TV, laptop, phone and lanterns charger, etc.

The solar panel of 100W is enough for powering your camping. One or more solar panels of 100W can run a boat or motorhome.

There are low wattage solar panels you can have a glimpse of;

  • Newapowa 10W Solar Panel
  • Renogy 50W Solar Panel
  • Renogy 100W Solar Panel

Other than the low panel, you would need an inverter, solar charge controller, and a battery backup system.

There is one thing you should be familiar with:

If you have devices that get charged with direct current (DC), then you would not need an inverter and other things, portable solar panels and a good battery would be enough to charge devices like phone, etc.

We can summarize this way:

If you connect efficient solar panels or Portable Solar Panel or Folding Solar Blanket, a deep cycle battery and a battery box with 12-volt sockets (if required) would suffice to run car fridges, phones and tablets, LED lights, fans, air/water pumps, TV, DVD players, radios, etc.

You can use solar panels mounted or foldable portable solar panels.

And in advance camping, connecting an inverter with a suitable AGM battery enable you to run 240v appliances like television, laptop, etc.

Plus if you keep a solar regulator with you, it will notify you before your battery gets overcharged.

Here is a short video for you for better insights;

If you are well experienced in wiring electrical components with each other, then it is ok to go. But if it is your first experience, you should watch videos or better hire a professional who can do the solar setup for you.

Portable Solar Gadgets

If you are an individual going on camping, then you might probably not need a complete solar kit. And there are options available like solar camping lanterns, solar charging stations, solar camp showers, etc.

Solar Camp Shower

Without a shower, nothing is complete. The solar camp shower is the best thing you can have as camping gear. You put water inside, hang it out in the sun, and it heats up for you. It has a back wall of black colour that absorbs sunlight. And around 49°C is enough to heat your water in the bag.

Solar camp showers

Solar camping lanterns

Solar camping lanterns are kind of alternative of fire at night. They have integrated batteries that you charge by a small panel. They even come up with inbuilt solar panels. Some even have a sensor that makes them light the moment darkness starts prevailing.

Luci is an aesthetic looking lantern option you have that come up with brightness and colour perspective controls.

Luci is lightweight that will not make your bad hefty.

Solar camping lanterns

Solar Powered Backpack

You can put your devices like smartphones, headlamps, GPS trackers on charging while camping or hiking with a solar-powered backpack. They mostly have a built-in battery as well. Carrying a portable solar panel with two USB outputs has its lucrative perks.

Conclusion: How to Use Solar Panels While Camping

Though we go on camping to stay away from technology and could relax but using solar energy over a generator is 100 times better.

And enjoying something without harming anything, especially the environment not only gives you consolation but also aggrandizes your moments. You can make your camping trip exuberant and cosy by excluding noisy generators, etc. This way you will be satisfied with your trip.

Solar panels are efficient to power appliances anywhere.

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