Solar Electric Energy vs Diesel Generators

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

The rise of global warming has sprung up a few questions among businesses and homeowners like What are the advantages of using solar electric energy over diesel generators? Which one is more efficient? Which one is more beneficial for running home long term?

And to answer this question, we considered almost every aspect and compared them for you.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Solar Energy over Diesel Generators

There are many things to get into, but we will start with job creation (one of the biggest concerns of the public)

Jobs Creation

Almost every revolutionized technology says goodbye to thousands of different jobs. But here in the solar energy case, it is the opposite. As more people go solar, employment opportunities will continue to grow.

Here are a few statistics that prove the above-written text;

  • The solar industry job market has grown 167% since 2010 and created almost 250,000 jobs alone in 2019.
  • In the last five years, solar-oriented jobs grew 5%.

After severe global warming, businesses and homeowners started shifting to green energy. So a workforce for production and professionals for installing & maintenance of solar panels are in high demand. It means solar energy is producing more employment than the fossil fuel industry.

USA renewable energy consumption Graph (1998-2018)

You can see the graph of how the USA’s renewable energy consumption is surging;


USA renewable energy consumption graph

In 2018, USA renewable energy consumption accounted to be touching 103.8 million metric tons of oil equivalent.


Purchasing a diesel every day for a generator seems more affordable than purchasing solar panels at first sight, right?

For how much time will you keep refuelling your generator? Till when?

Diesel is still too costly in many parts of the world and is getting costly each day. If solar panels are installed once, nothing else is needed to do with it except cleaning once to twice a year.

The easiest and most common way of generating solar energy is solar panels.

Solar panels generate power every day. People of developed countries like the USA are making thousands of dollars every year by adopting solar panels.

And the reason is: Solar panels diminish your electricity bills by a huge margin.


You have to change the oil of the generator after every 50 – 60 hours for better performance, right? And there are many flexible components in a diesel generator that are worn out over time. These components require to be repaired or sometimes even need to be replaced.

That can be very expensive and time-consuming.

And here is something to must keep in mind:

Your diesel generator can last a maximum of 5-6 years with maintenance, but solar panels can last for 20+ years.

Global Warming

If you differentiate a diesel generator from solar panels, you will get to know that diesel generators are rising global warming by burning fuel. On the other hand, solar panels are a green source and a clean source of energy.

The solar panels not only conserve power but also diminishes pollution.

Here is a kicker:

It has been found that the best way of assurance from global warming is to avoid using fuel. So the most useful thing which can redeem diesel is solar energy.

It can potentially save billions of dollars wasted annually on nonrenewable resources.


Solar panels are a self-governing, renewable, and self-sufficient source of energy. You get solar energy from the sun for free.

You can use batteries for storing energy so you can use them when it needs them in the absence of the sun. Once you purchase a battery, it can serve for years.


Do you know?

An old diesel generator is one of the most hazardous things that can cause lung, kidney, liver, or even heart diseases.

Your diesel generator gets older every day that is awful for you as it releases hydrocarbons that are not good for your health.

I am not saying Solar panels are all pure, but their’s adverse impact is negligible. They don’t cause such diseases as diesel generators can cause.

Here is the fact:

According to The Solar Foundation, the solar industry is generating more posts in the US. Solar energy adds a growth rate 15+ times quicker than any other sector in the US economy.

Do you know?

In 2010, there were only 93,000 job positions in the solar industry. The sector has been rising, and six years later, 260,077 people were operated in this field.

It means that in 2016 one in every 50 new posts was in the solar industry. In the Expert’s view, this will keep going on for many years. On the other hand, fossil fuel jobs are declining annually.

Technological Development and Research

Solar panels used to be very expensive, but their prices are falling over every year.

The price of solar photovoltaic modules in the United States has decreased over the last few years. In Q4 of 2019, module prices averaged 0.22 US dollars per watt, in comparison to 0.63 US dollars per watt in Q1 of 2016.

Struggling with nanotechnology and the evolution of quantum physics has improved the use of solar energy. So working and studying solar energy is assisting us in a better way to revolutionize us.

Getting power from diesel generators seems cheap, right? What about getting solar energy to empower daily life appliances? Seems expensive due to the upfront cost?


The solar energy costs you a huge amount in the commencing, and it is much cleaner than getting energy from the generator.


  1. Solar Energy is a Green & renewable energy source.
  2. It needs comparatively low maintenance.
  3. Cuts the electricity bills massively.
  4. You can obtain a profit if produced extra units applying government schemes.
  5. Solar energy is useful to our planet as it decreases our carbon track.
  6. The field of solar energy is producing jobs.
  7. It lessens pollution to a great degree, which enhances the lives of people nearby you.

You can see more about solar energy on our website.


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